Brief History of NCUC

Origins of NCUC Milton Mueller In the early days of ICANN’s formation, from late 1998 to mid-1999, a number of interest groups were battling over domain name policy. These included large corporate trademark holders furious about cybersquatting…
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Our mission…

is to ensure that the voice of non-commercial users is heard at ICANN.
Mobilize civil society actors to participate in ICANN, including its working groups and other processes.
Collaborate and interact with other stakeholders in ICANN on matters of common concern, including businesses, governments, and others.
Send members to ICANN’s three meetings per year around the world, which are free of charge and open to all interested parties.
Elect representatives to the GNSO Council, which coordinates the policy development process for gTLDs.
Organize conferences and events exploring global Internet governance issues.
Policy Development
Develop and advocate policy positions.

Areas to get involved

Depending on your skills and background, there is always a space in NCUC where you can contribute


Help us promote diversity and inclusion by leading targeted initiatives to bring new voices into our work


Analyse and provide commentary, advice, or alternatives on ICANN policy proposals, deliverables, and decisions that reflect the views and needs of non-commercial internet users


Review and provide comments on ICANN’s strategic plans and operating budget, as well as monitor and voice issues of concern


Hold the empowered multistakeholder community accountable and help balancing against commercial interests at ICANN

What are NCUC positions?

Among others, NCUC has endorsed the following positions:
Domain Names Belong to Everyone
Privacy Protection in Domain Names
Respect for Non-Commercial Uses and Users
Multilingual Internet

Our shared moments

Executive Committee

Benjamin Akinmoyeje


Ines Hfaiedh

Africa Representative

Amin Hacha

Europe Representative

Pedro de Perdigão Lana

Latin America/Caribbean Representative

Mili Semlani

Asia Pacific Representative

Kenneth Herman

North America Representative

Latest from our blog

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NCUC 20th Anniversary Issue Forum held at ICANN78 in Hamburg, Germany onWednesday, October 25, 2023ICANN78 Hamburg, a global meeting of internet governance and domain name industrystakeholders, saw fruitful discussions on key topics that are shaping the domain nameindustry and cited as current prime concerns for the […]
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