This week, ahead of ICANN 54 in Dublin, comments and reactions following ICANN Board objections on CCWG Accountability proposals and China calling for an international code of conduct on the Internet are among most documented topics on Internet Governance ecosystem . As for events, we notice ITU TELECOM WORLD 2015 in Budapest, and ENOG 10 in Ukraine. Below, articles on those subjects and events as well as latest informations on cyberpolitics, MENOG 65, Big data, internet of things, Net Neutrality.
Great week end to all!


Letter of senators John THUNE & Brian SHATZ to ICANN Board chairman Steve CROCKER

CCWG-Accountability co-Chairs Statement Leading into ICANN54 in Dublin

Don’t give up on membership!

A Transition in Internet Governance, Hijacked

Dublin and Transition : The latest blog by ICANN Board Chair

The U.S. Must Reject the ICANN Transition If Accountability Falls Short

NRO Statement on IANA Stewardship Transition and ICANN Accountability

Accountability and IANA transition: behind the scenes

ICANN hopes for quick decision on break with US govt

ICANN Accountability – the chronology and Dublin thoughts

An Alternative to CCWG Overreach

Internet governance is disputed territory, with US slow to cede control

Rx for Dublin Progress: Board Transparency, Specificity, and Community Acknowledgement

Joint statement from CENTR and the European Commission’s HLIG on the IANA Stewardship Transition and ICANN Accountability improvement processes

Now even EUROPE is slapping down ICANN in internet power struggle
Governments and registries tool up for next week’s meeting


China Calls on the United Nations to Impose an International Code of Conduct on the Internet

China wants international peace pact online and under water
UN Ambassador calls for rules on peaceful co-operation on humanity’new frontiers’

China asks world to impose ‘code of conduct’ on Internet

Communist China Demands Global “Code of Conduct” for Internet

Are You Ready For The ‘Internet Code of Conduct’ Dictated By China? America Has Been Sold Down The River!

China Puts Forth Internet Code of Conduct

ITU Telecom World 2015 opens in Budapest

ITU Telecom World 2015 Forum to Focus On Supporting ICT SMEs to Accelerate Innovation

Hungary Considers Taxing Overseas ICT Giants, PM Hints In Speech At ITU Telecom World Conference


ENOG : Eurasia Network Operator Group

ENOG10 in Ukraine: Speaking about RIPE-554, DNSSEC, DANE and Email

Ukranian local hosting : A Quick Zone Scan of .UA

ENOG 10 – Survey in English

IGF 2015

IGF 2015 Tackling the Next Billion Online Challenge

IGF 2015 Takes Action, Developing Best Practices to Address Internet Issues

NANOG 65 Report

Event wrap: NANOG 65 and ARIN 36

WSIS + 10

WSIS Beyond 2015: A Peek at the Preparations for the UN High Level Meeting

Security Is Cyber, Development Is Digital

Women, Innovation, Internet: Taking On The Tough Problems

The geopolitic of internet control : censorship, sovereignty and cyberspace

Cyberpolitics in International Relations

The Impact of the Internet on Sociopolitical Changes in the Arab World

Merely Connecting the Developing World to the Internet Isn’t Enough

Why One Open Internet Matters

Why Biggest China Internet Deal Didn’t Need Two Sets of Bankers

ICC Digital Economy Commission makes the case for data economy at B20 Turkey event

Digital Single Market: A Reality for Millions of Internet-enabled Businesses


How it Works at ICANN54: A Tutorial Series on the Nuts and Bolts of the Internet for Non-Techies

Reflections On Our Recent Sustained Awareness Campaigns in Africa

Globalization of ICANN with Istanbul and Singapore Hub Offices

ICANN 54: Dublin – Global Domains Division (GDD) Session Highlights

ICANN Waives Registrar Insurance Requirement, Levels Playing Field for Registrars Globally

DotConnectAfrica Trust’s Reaction & Response to the AUC Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy Letter to the ICANN Geographic Names Panel

OpenTLD’s registrar accreditation suspended after arbitration panel rules in favour of ICANN


Application for .gay TLD Rejected for the Second Time

WIPO Reports On Domain Name Disputes, Sets New Targets


The future of big data is very, very fast

Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, Security Drive ROI, Dell Survey Finds


Overnight Tech: Republicans to look at net neutrality’s effect on economy

You know about net neutrality. Meet grid neutrality


Internet Society Releases Internet of Things (IoT) Overview: Understanding the Issues and Challenges

What role should the government play in developing the internet of things?


Thoughts on the Open Internet – Part 5: Security

Thoughts on the Open Internet – Part 6: Final Thoughts


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