Location: Executive Committee Mailing List

Time: 10-17 April 2015


Bill Drake (NCUC Chair)
Roy Balleste (North America representative)
João Carlos Caribé (Latin America/Caribbean representative)
Grace Githaiga (Africa representative)
Peter Green/ Zuan Zhang 张 钻(Asia/Australia/Pacific representative)
Stefania Milan (Europe representative)


1. Budget

The EC noted with great appreciation the Public Interest Registry’s currently in process contribution of $15,000.00, and asked the Treasurer to provide it with an updated statement of our account once this has been received.

2. Revised Travel Policy

The EC reaffirmed its decision taken on the list 9-10 April to approve and post the revised Travel Policy.  The call for proposals for the Buenos Aires meeting shall be posted to the members list in the next few days.

3. Reimbursements Under the Revised Travel Policy

The EC reaffirmed its decisions taken on the list in March to reimburse the applicable itemized expenses of Edward Morris for his travel to the Istanbul meeting of the CCWG on accountability; and of Stephanie Perrin for her travel to the Seoul meeting of data commissions, where ICANN policies were discussed.  These reimbursements shall be processed in accordance with the terms of the revised travel policy.

4.  Management of ICANN Travel Slots

The EC reaffirmed its decisions taken on the list in March to generally follow the practice that had evolved ad hoc in recent years with respect the management of the three travel slots ICANN provides to the constituency per ICANN meeting.  The first slot shall go to the Chair, who must run the Constituency Day meeting and any outreach or other constituency meetings, and represent NCUC in meetings with the SOACSGC chairs, the Board, etc.  For the other two slots, normally the first priority shall remain supporting members who are actively engaged in important work that will take place at a given meeting, be it intra-constituency managerial work or external policy work.  If slots remain after this organizational needs assessment, the support will rotated among elected (and as advisable, appointed) representatives so everyone gets a chance to participate and deepen their engagement.  However, in some cases, e.g. the June 2015 ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires, the EC may instead choose to give greater preference to geographical rotation and the diversity of our representation.

5. Misc.

The EC noted with satisfaction a number of recent constituency-level activities, including

• The launching of the member-driven project to translate the NCUC outreach Brochure into multiple languages.
• The launching of the Members Blog space on the website.
• The the appointment of Peter Green/ Zuan Zhang 张 钻 to serve as a Pilot Program Coordinator for ICANN’s CROPP program,
           and the open call for CROPP proposals from constituency members.
• The integration of NCUC website results into searches undertaken from the ICANN website.
• The constituency’s response letter to the initial draft of the GNSO Review study.
• The submission of a FY15 ICANN budget request to attend the annual IGF meeting, and the 
           submission to the IGF of two NCUC and one NCSG workshop proposals (in addition to multiple individual submissions by members).
• The effective ICANN pilot program providing part-time staff support to the NCUC, and the helpful assistance of Maryam Bakoshi in this context.


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