NCUC Outreach at Joint Civil Society Day on 4th December at 14.30.


Holiday Inn Express Guadalajara Autonoma
Av. Patria 999
Jardines Universidad, 45110 Zapopan, Jal.
Title: Domain Name Policy Matters: Advancing noncommercial values at ICANN

Description: In this session we want to challenge the impression that focusing on domain name policies as a critical Internet-related topic is not exciting or important for civil society activists. It is important, it is often interesting and rewarding.

We want to bring your attention to the impact we make as noncommercial users and civil society activists in the noncommercial users constituency at ICANN.  Focusing on domain name related issues is not only about some of the often complicated and specific subjects of new gTLDs, WHOIS and many other ICANN acronyms, it is also an opportunity to practice what we have always preached: multistakeholder governance.  We will discuss what we have done with regards to human rights, freedom of expression, privacy at ICANN, how we help evolve ICANN’s multistakeholder process and governance, why we need your help and expertise and how and why you should join us.


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