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Have you ever given thought to how the Web is run? It’s a rarity in today’s world in that it is mostly run by a non profit entity based in the US: ICANN. Now that the web has gained in importance and impact since 1998,when ICANN was founded, voices are springing up and asking that all constituents’ points of views be heard in how the Web is managed:in particular, how domain names can be owned and who manages these domain names.

One organization, NCUC, represents non commercial users: individuals and non profits, at ICANN, and it’s insisting that ICANN adopt more democratic practices in the way it manages its business.

What is NCUC:

The NCUC is the home for civil society organizations and individuals in the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO). With real voting power in ICANN policy-making and Board selection, it develops and supports positions that favor non-commercial communication and activity on the Internet. The NCUC is open to non-commercial organizations and individuals involved in education, community networking, public policy advocacy, development, promotion of the arts, children’s welfare, religion, consumer protection, scientific research, human rights and many other areas.

— > Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC)

— > Contact:
Robin Gross, NCUC Chair Milton Mueller, NCUC Co-Founder
Tel.: +1-415-553-6261 Tel: +1-315-443-5616
Email: robin . at – Email: Mueller . at .

— > NCUC.s Sept 2009 Letter to ICANN Board of Directors and CEO

— > NCUC.s Sept 2009 .Top 10 Myths About Civil Society Participation in ICANN.


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