E-team initiates series of online debates 15.Nov.2017 12:00UTC

Rafik Dammak (@rafik), Chair of NCSG PC (@NCSG_ICANN) (Non Commercial Stakeholder Group Policy Committee) will participate in a Twitter interview at @NCUC curated by NCUC E-team member Shahul Hameed (@beingshahul).

This is the first of the new NCUC twitter interview series (#AskNCUC) and will help all who want to learn more about policy in ICANN.

When: Wednesday 15th Nov, 12:00UTC

Where: Twitter @NCUC

Topic: Policy Development in NCUC: What are they? How is it being developed and tracked?

NCUC Interview with Rafik Dammak, Policy Committe Chair, NCSG

How to take part : Ask all those questions you’ve been saving about how the Policy development works at NCUC, how it’s being tracked, how you can get more involved in the process…. Just use the hashtag #AskNCUC and mention the @NCUC twitter handle while posting questions.

Video interview with Rafik Dammak


Interviewer Shahul Hameed





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