TOP 10 MYTHS ABOUT CIVIL SOCIETY PARTICIPATION IN ICANN From The Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) 21 […]
in another effort to reach out and expand NCUC’s on-line presence I just created a new […]
RE: ICANN Public Comment Period: Comments of the Non-Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC) on the Proposed […]
i posted a copy the comments i submitted to ICANN on the new gTLD proposals on […]
DU COLLEGE DES UTILISATEURS NON COMMERCIAUX Légende 1 « Les groupes existants de la société civile […]
NCUC Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 3 September 2009 Public Interest Groups in ICANN Appeal to […]
Public Interest Groups in ICANN Appeal to New President For Fairer Treatment For Civil Society The […]
Les Groupes d’intérêt public d’ICANN demande au nouveau Président un traitement plus juste pour la société […]
NCUC Elections: ~ Nominations are now open for all NCUC positions below. Nominations close on 12 […]
My response to the charges can be found at: