ICANN66 is starting in just a few days – and this time the meeting will be in Montreal, Canada! The agenda will be packed as usual and we would to bring some attention to NCUC’s agenda during the next week! So here it goes:

Kicking off the meeting, on Saturday, November 2nd, there will be a NCUC-EC meeting that will focus on the onboarding of our recently elected new leadership team. At the opportunity, some of our outgoing ec members and the incoming ones  will gather for the first time in Montreal with the aim of completing the leadership transition, strengthening some of our outreach efforts carried out in the different regions and some global events. Finally, , this meeting will try to allocate resources from the constituency in order to fulfill positions at the Policy Committee and the Financial Committee.

On Monday, november 4th, we are once again hosting our joint outreach with the At-Large community! The idea for this event is to  bring together similarities and differences between these two parts of the ICANN Community and demonstrate how we can work together in the different topics. The agenda includes a presentation of NCUC and At-Large, our similarities and differences and can be a great opportunity for ICANN Newcomers to learn a bit more about both groups. Some other topics that will be discussed at the opportunity includes our views on great policy issues around ICANN such as the PDP WG on New gTLDs Subsequent Procedures and even the EPDP. We will close the outreach with more specific information on how to get involved or even become part of our next leadership teams! 

Last on our agenda we have Constituency day. On the 5th of November the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group will be carrying out a full day of meetings from NCUC, NPOC and NCSG. As usual, the Tuesday will start with a meeting between NCSG and the ICANN Board – from 8h30 to 9h30 – and will continue with NCUC Open Meeting that will take place from 10h30 until 12h00. In our agenda we have included some regional updates from the EC members, a presentation of our new leadership team and some other internal matters. This time we are also welcoming Professor Jan Scholte, who will offer his perspectives on the ICANN legitimacy study. 

Additionally to all official meetings, NCUC will also be giving a presentation on Newcomers day – November 3rd -, just before lunchtime, and at the LacSpace that will take place on November 4th, from 15:30 -16:45. We have also added  a dedicated time at the ICANN booth on monday morning, starting at 9h30! 

That is our agenda for this ICANN66: 

November 2nd – Saturday 

13h30 to 15h00 – NCUC EC Meeting – Room 512E

November 3rd – Sunday 

11h20 – NCUC to present at Newcomers day – Room 517D

November 4th – Monday 

9h30 to 10h30 – NCUC At the ICANN Engagement Booth 

15h15 to 16h45 – LAC Space –  Room 512G

17:00 to 18:30 – NCUC and At-Large Outreach – Room 517C

November 5th – Tuesday 

 8h30 to 9h30 – Joint Meeting: ICANN Board and NCSG – Room 517D

10h30 to 12h00 – NCUC Open Meeting – Room 514A

15:15 to 18:30 – NCSG Open Meeting – Room 514A

Make sure to follow all GNSO dedicated meetings too, the full ICANN66 schedule can be found on https://66.schedule.icann.org/meetings and most of the meetings will include remote participation

We look forward to seeing you in Montreal, for highlights of #ICANN66 make sure to take a look at our twitter account: @ncuc. 



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