Now that NCSG has wrapped up its early Autumn election and ICANN’s Annual Meeting in LA is behind us, it is NCUC’s turn for elections.  We need to elect a Chair and an Executive Committee for 2015.

The positions to be filled are:
1.  Chair    [currently held by William Drake]
2.  EC – Europe [currently held by Stefania Milan]
3.  EC – Africa [currently held by  Grace Githaiga]
4.  EC – Asia/Australia/Pacific [currently held by Pranesh Prakash]
5.  EC – North America   [currently held by  Roy Balleste]
6.  EC – Latin America/ Caribbean  [currently held by Carlos Affonso Pereira de Souza]
Biographies on the current members are available from
NCUC really needs committed volunteers who are really willing to donate a few hours a week to collaboration in order to help ensure that civil society’s voice is heard in ICANN.  The EC’s responsibilities are primarily in the realm of constituency administrative management, inreach and outreach, and interfacing with ICANN’s staff and community as needed (GNSO policy work being the province of the participants in the NCSG Policy Committee, GNSO Council, and GNSO working groups).    If you think that you or someone you know would be well suited to the tasks involved, then please consider nominating accordingly.
II.  Timetable
The process begins next Monday, November 3.  The timetable will be as follows:
November 3 – 16: Nominations submitted to ncuc-discuss
November 17 – 30: Candidates submit statements to ncuc-discuss
December 1 − 14: Election period
December 15: Results announced
During the first two-week period, any member can self-nominate or nominate any other member (usually best to check with them first).  During the second two-week period, nominees must notify colleagues via the mail list whether they accept the nomination, and if they do, submit a candidate statement (see below).  At the beginning of the third two-week period, ballots will be emailed by ICANN staff, and voting will occur on a secure website.  Staff will then run the tally software and announce the vote, and the new EC will be set up soon thereafter.
III.  Participation
As you know, in accordance with its Charter, NCSG’s chair does a labor-intensive “check-in” procedure (probably necessary in the SG context), and members who do not reply in time to multiple email promptings become ineligible to vote in the election cycle.  Rafik went through this in recent NCSG election, with these results
In contrast, NCUC’s Bylaws don’t require a check-in, and we have never done one.  Whether in the future we might want to move in this direction has been discussed in the EC before and might merit consideration again (there are pluses and minuses to it), but for now we will stick with our simplified traditional approach.  Everyone who’s a member as of 30 days before the election (i.e. now) is eligible to vote, and the results in contested cases are based on simple majorities irrespective of what percentage of members “turns out” to vote.
That said, we must have your correct current email address in our data base in order for staff to send you a ballot.  The only way we can ensure this is for you to send an email to Maryam Bakoshi so she can check it against the data base.  Please do this as soon as possible. While you’re at it, you might want to double check that you are correctly listed at  as well.
IV.  Candidate Statements
For when we get to this stage, the standard list of questions we’ve asked people over the years is as follows:
1. Why do you want to serve on the EC?
2. Provide a brief biography of recent experience, associations, and affiliations relevant to serving on the Executive Committee. Describe the relevance of your personal and professional experience to serve on the NCUC Executive Committee, and identify any conflicts of interests you might have.
3. The EC performs several functional responsibilities for the Constituency.  What  level of time commitment can you bring to your EC role on a weekly and overall basis?  Describe any concerns or limitations on your ability to attend online meetings of the Executive Committee and ICANN Meetings in person.
4. Communication with the membership is critical. How would you keep members apprised of your EC-related activities?
5. How do you foresee NCUC’s function, scale, or role changing in the future? What areas of ICANN policy, if any, need more attention and why?
The statements should be relatively concise, e.g. a couple paragraphs per question.  Incumbent candidates should answer in a manner that is both backward and forward looking, i.e. taking note of contributions and work in the previous year.
V.  “Meet the Candidates” Virtual Meeting?
During last year’s election, we tried something new and scheduled an Adobe Connect session where members could ask the candidates questions etc.  If there’s demand to try this again we can schedule a session during the election period.
I may be forgetting something…if there are any questions, just ask.  Otherwise, please do keep this election schedule on your radar,  consider whether you or someone you know might like to stand for election to one of the above posts, ensure that we have your email address, and when the time comes, vote.  It’s really important.


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