Dalla circoscrizione degli utenti non commerciali (NCUC) Mito 1 “La società civile non parteciperà in ICANN […]
The NCUC Charter must be revised as per ICANN staff’s requirement as we move toward the […]
23 SEPTEMBER 2009 NCUC Monthly Constituency Meeting Scheduled for: Wednesday 23 September 2009 from 14:00 – […]
Reproduced from here: http://www.sanfranciscoconsult.com/editorials/eng/2009/who-has-a-voice-in-running-the-web/ Links are not reproduced. Have you ever given thought to how the […]
I’ve posted a new blog entry at the Internet Governance Project, warning people about the staff’s […]
On Wednesday, a US Congress Subcommittee held a Hearing on .Expansion of Top Level Domain Names […]
(re-posted by request from my blog at HTTP://avri.doria.org) I try to be PC. I try to […]
ICANN Accountability Post-JPA: No Meaningful Change Expected From IP Justice (30 Sept. 2009) While many are […]
The ICANN-US DOC ‘Affirmation of Commitments’ – A Step Forward? From the Centre for Internet and […]
See comments from the Association for Progressive Communications here: http://forum.icann.org/lists/iic-proposed-bylaws/msg00012.html